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14 49 41 124 alt banner 2019 Newsletter Archives

December 2019

End of an era at Ocracoke: Bobby O'Neal retirement
Holiday electric safety
Touch a truck event at Pamlico Community College
Manager's Message: We value the gift of you

November 2019

Hurricane Dorian recovery update
Managing a changing landscape
$3.5 million project to address rapid erosion
Rocking resiliency with heavy metal
Pole patrol
Lineman's daughter inspired to help
A love letter from NC's poet laureate
Winter rates
Manager's Message: $31 million work plan addresses capacity and coastal vulnerabilities
Are you an EV owner?
AMEX approved for payment

October 2019

Hurricane Dorian coverage
Manager's Message: Three hurricanes in fifty-one weeks
Early bird prize winner
One Shot (photo essay)
Tag team
Lucas Tree Experts: The trail blazers

September 2019

Report outages via text
Agribusiness Diversity: Hemp growers in Tideland territory
Florence recovery funds: $1.8 million
Hurricane hack for your freezer
Grid Resiliency Opportunities and challenges
Infographic: Overhead power line safety
Tips for purchasing new appliances

August 2019

Can you dig it? 8-1-1 day
Taking it to the top: Poletop rescue
Remember Pam Foster Tetterton
Team Tideland: Middle schoolers attend sports camps
WPCA charge returns to electric bills (coal ash retention site graphic)
Infographic: Water damaged electrical equipment

July 2019

Rate increase on the horizon
Mariculture spawns opportunity for local watermen
Eat Local: 12 Tideland area oyster growers
Blinks mean system is working
Co-ops donate to Children's Miracle Network
3-step HVAC test
New North Lake Rd line energized
Open sesame: why it pays to keep vents and interior doors open
Hurricane electrical safety (infographic)

June 2019

Meet the Brew Crew: 1718 Brewery and Lost Colony Brewing
Pole tags
Director and co-op service milestones
Teachers' Helper: Co-op donates $9,200 for hurricane relief
Co-op college scholarship winners
End of the Line at Bonner Bridge
How to prevent electric shock drowning

May 2019

Annual Report to Members

April 2019

Better light, darker night
Hello darkness, my old friend: Night sky visibility - by Dr. Stan Riggs
Home repair funds
Right-of-way maintenance schedule
Lineworker safety gear 1875-present
April 8 is National Electric Co-op Lineworker Appreciation Day
What isn't measured can't be managed
Avoid the big green box
Thank a lineman and their families

March 2019

Credit Where Credit is Due: Federal energy efficiency tax saviangs
NC Residential Building Code: Energy conservation updates
Clothes dryer safety
Manager's Message: Forging comebacks that are greater than the setbacks
Overhead power line safety

February 2019

Look for the helpers
When life gives you lemons, make energy efficiency
Ready, set, seal
Tamper resistant receptacles
Why birds can sit on powerlines
"The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind" author visits Bright Ideas winner
Message to members: Have it your way
Director nominations underway
Nissan Leaf member rebate

January 2019

Next generation: apply for Washington DC youth tour
Hurricane Florence Woes: Salt water inundation
Space heater safety
Obsolete load management switches
Message to Members: Load Management Version 2.0
Bright Ideas Grant Winners
4 reasons not to use the ON setting
Resolve to save energy this year