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How to Report a Power Outage

Before calling to report a power outage, check the breakers in your home or business to make sure the problem is not related to internal causes. Outage Reporting System: 1.800.882.1001 (in Beaufort County call 944.2400)

NEW: You can now report your outage by text by texting OUT to short code 85700

The quickest and most efficient way to report an outage is via our Automated Outage Reporting System (phone and text). The system is enabled with speech recognition technology or you may opt to use your telephone's key pad. The system works even better when we have your correct phone number on file since caller I.D. features allow the system to access your electric account information even more quickly. The automated phone system also gives you the ability to choose to speak with a live operator but during a large outage wait times can be long.

During a lengthy power outage cut off most household breakers until power is restored. It is easier for utility crews to reenergize lines when the system is not overloaded with too many appliances or heating/cooling systems calling for power at the same time. Once power is restored turn on additional breakers one or two at a time over ten or fifteen minute intervals until all breakers are back on.

Never assume downed power lines are no longer energized. Even if electric utility service is off, electricity produced by an improperly installed household generator can back feed through the electric system and energize utility lines. Report downed power lines to Tideland EMC and warn others to stay clear.

If you are not receiving outage text messages, please call the co-op to update your cell phone information or use the online member portal to update your cell phone information.
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