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Residential Surge Protection

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Your home, and the major appliances and electronics in it, represent a significant investment that needs to be safeguarded. While most of our members think of power surges only during thunder storms, these very short duration high voltage “spikes” can happen any time of the day, month, week or year destroying or reducing the life of appliance motors and sensitive electronic equipment in your home. Even small surges that occur when pumps and motors turn on and off can slowly wear down sensitive microprocessors, causing equipment to fail for no apparent reason.

Causes Outside the Home

Bad weather including lightning
Birds and animals, including snakes, that come in contact with power lines
Vehicle accidents involving power poles and lines
Neighbors using arc welders and large power equipment
Normal utility operations that keep power safe and reliable

Causes Inside the Home

  • Faulty wiring, loose connections and/or poor grounding
  • Operation of heating and air conditioning systems
  • Major appliances or other large motors switching on and off

To protect your home you need to create a power quality fence around your business that stops surges at their three points of entry: the electric meter gate, the TV cable or antenna gate and the telephone gate. To protect your home you must lock each gate. The main gate is through the electric service meter. This gate must be locked with a quality lightning arrester. The TV cable or antenna and telephone lines must also be locked inside the home with high quality surge suppressors.

Therefore, your first line of defense is an inspection of your electric service grounds and the installation of a Kenick lightning arrester capable of stopping up to 40,000 amps of surge energy per service conductor (80,000 amps total). Tideland sells and installs the Kenick arrester for $290 which includes free ground rod testing. This arrester will literally "knock down" most electrical surges before they can enter your home. Financing is available with a $90 down payment and 6 monthly payments of $35 each. For more information or to schedule an installation appointment contact us.

Tideland members are also entitled to a discount on purchases of Kenick products designed for use inside the home, including outlet, phone line and cable TV protection. To browse and purchase products online visit SpikeStop and enter the member discount code "tideland" to see your member discounted price. We highly recommend that you install additional plug-in surge protectors at each sensitive electronic device in your home. Be sure to select a plug-in surge protector that has cable and telephone protection modules for your electronics.