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Tideland EMC Speakers Bureau

Wayne Hi Volt Tideland employees are available for public speaking engagements to civic, business, and classroom groups. Whether it's an energy, safety or career topic, we will be glad to tailor a presentation to meet your individual needs.

To Schedule a Guest Speaker:
Heidi Jernigan Smith
Corporate Communications Manager
800.637.1079, ext. 1140

To Schedule a Safety Demonstration:
Wayne Brackin
Safety Director
800.637.1079, ext. 4323

Energy Topics

Low Income Energy Workshop 

Practical energy solutions that focus on low and no cost ways to save

Church Energy Workshop

Churches have unique energy needs. This workshop focuses on ways congregations can form their own energy audit team.

Where Can You Save Energy?

Our popular Power Point presentation serves as the focal point for this energy seminar.

Energized About Earth Day

Customized for appropriate grade levels, this program emphasizes the importance of energy conservation. We've got our piggy banks and energy hog hats ready to roll into your classroom.

Safety Demonstrations

Electricity is all around us. It is an integral part of our daily lives. However, when we fail to respect the hidden dangers of electricity tragic accidents can occur. To guard against property damage and loss of life or limb, Tideland employees conduct high voltage safety demonstrations for a variety of groups.

Live Wire: High Voltage Safety Demonstrations

This sizzling presentation is sure to capture the attention of all audiences, especially school children. Watch what happens when a sailboat comes in contact with an energized power line. Find out how to safely exit a vehicle that has hit a power pole. Learn how to prevent accidents when operating large farm equipment. And just to make sure all your senses are working, we'll even burn a hot dog to emphasize the lethal power of electricity.

What First Responders Need to Know About Electricity

This safety course is designed for EMTs and fire department personnel.