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14 49 41 124 alt banner 2018 Newsletter Archives

December 2018

Then along came Michael
All gave some, some gave all
Move over: It's the law
Storm Hair: When dry shampoo is your #bff
Message to Members: 'Tis the season for capital credits
How capital credits work
What you can learn from an Eskimo
Dangerous & illegal

November 2018

Special Issue: Hurricane Florence
A tale of two sight lines
Run from water, hide from wind
Electricity and water don't mix
Real People
Heroes in hardhats
Storm stats
Loads of hope
Briefest retirement ever
Daddy's helper

October 2018

Substation dedicated to Ed Duetsch
Don't be spooked by scams
How power gets to you: part 2
Jouley: All-electric school bus

September 2018

In Plain Sight: Don't access obstruct utility equipment
Tips for a safe harvest
How power gets to you: part 1
Your power outage pantry
Five steps for safe digging

August 2018

Co-op unveils state-of-the-art dispatch center
Don't let a high bill dampen your summer
Manager's Message: Applied Learning
Part 2 of 2-part series: Save energy with moisture control
Mobile apps you want during a disaster
Madisen Spears and Jodie Horne attend Youth Tour to DC
Three attend UNC and NCSU sports camps

July 2018

Invisible Killer: The dangers of improper generator operation
FlexPay Reminder: Minimum payment $10
Manager's Message: APPsolute must have
Part 1 of 2-part series: Save energy with moisture control
Five smart home tech apps
Remember Larry Arthur
Stay Alive: 4 deadly hazards to avoid after the storm

June 2018

Next Generation: Shakera Davis addresses NCEMC annual meeting
Enroll in outage text messaging
Manager's Message: Managing peak demand
Co-op awards 9 scholarships to graduating high school seniors
Five generator safety tips

May 2018

Annual Report to Members
Notice of Annual Meeting

April 2018

Knowledge is power: Trickle Star monitors on sale
Time-of-use hours change April 17
Manager's Message: WPCA zeroed out March 1
Is time-of-use program right for you?
Incumbent directors deemed elected

March 2018

Energized: New Fairfield Harbour substation
Manager's Message: A January like no other
Plant the right tree in the right place
$1,250 rebate for Energy Star manufactured homes
Feeling drafty?

February 2018

Polar plunge brings record breaking energy use
Don't sweat it. Levelize it.
Manager's Message: There is some good news (WPCA decline)
Five easy ways to reduce winter bills
Tideland remembers Hubert Collins

January 2018

$450,000 general retirement of capital credits made to members
Manager's Message: Unexpected WPCA decline
Co-op awards $14,273 to outstanding educators
Little things add up