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14 49 41 124 alt banner 2022 Newsletter Archives

December 2022

Merry Margins
Sparking Innovation: Bright Ideas classroom grant winners
Manager's Message: Thoughts to wrap up 2022
Annual notice of non-discrimination

November 2022

Southern Living Idea House at River Dunes
Remembering Betty Buck
Power up your piggy bank with FlexPay
Manager's Message: Don't fall victim to utility scams
High bills and a potential house fire averted thanks to new report
Five ways to save energy during the heating season
What is a generator transfer switch?

October 2022

Situational awareness this hunting season
Manager's Message: Unclaimed member refunds can be researched online
Vampire power
Heat pumps deliver more for less

September 2022

Youth Tour Spotlight special feature
Amirea Gibbs: Following in her big brother's footsteps
Christian Bowser: A quiet young man finds his voice
Considering solar? Let's have a chat first
Safety inspection finds
The path of power: from delivery point to your meter

August 2022

Harvest with safety
Real Member Cases: When your energy use is in hot water
Safety inspection finds

July 2022

Annual meeting recap
Swimming in energy efficiency
Fans cool people. Not rooms.
No cost ways to save this summer
Member financing available for generators and more
Four deadly hazards to avoid after the storm

June 2022

Class of '22: College Scholarship Winners
Product testing review: Colorfil© Air Filters
Eight dangerous mistakes people make when using a generator
What is electric shock drowning?
Sawyer achieves service milestone
Hurricane season also means summer lightning season

May 2022

April 2022

Lineman appreciation day: Honor the human connections that keep power flowing
Meter safety inspection updates
Flower Power: Discover Nature's Harmony in Manns Harbor
Plant trees with safety in mind
Five ways homeowners accidentally void their HVAC warranty

March 2022

Fourth warmest December since 1933
January packed a punch: We're here to help
What are degree days?
Ice, ice, maybe: January 22 storm recap
Tideland members Tyler and Shannon Hickman's snow day
Safety infographics: Always look up (Spanish and English language versions)
Safety Sudoku

February 2022

Bingo! We have a winner
Rodanthe bridge project: A new path for island power
Member portal gets a facelift
Safety infographic: Always assume downed lines are energized
Meter safety inspections are underway
Manager's Message: 2021 credits to members totaled $2 million
Infographic: Common sources of air leaks

January 2022

Rose Acre microgrid: Phase 1 installation and training
Co-op awards eight Bright Ideas grants
Andy Midyette retires with 32 years of service
Space heater safety
Space heater math
Temporary power safety (infographic)
Message to members: You asked. We answer. (planned outage scheduling)