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14 49 41 124 alt banner 2016 Newsletter Archives

December 2016

Merry Margins: Member credits reach $3 million in 2016
Looking forward to the next 75
2016 WPCA credits to reach or exceed $1.9 million
Elementary students say "thank you" to linemen
Teens from 13 counties energized about the future

November 2016

Hurricane Matthew Issue: Still Making History
We get by with a little help from our friends & members
Stormtrooper casserole: breakfast of champions
WPCA savings continue to add up
Manager's Message: Lessons learned & new homework

October 2016

Tropical Store Hermine: In like a lamb, out like a lion
The kindness of strangers and friends
Why call us when we can text you?
YTD WPCA credits exceed $1 million

September 2016

WPCA Credit Rebounds
Poles are not sign posts
Plug into the portal
Landscaping for energy effiiciency
This month in Tideland history
Global energy efficiency increasing

August 2016

Slam Dunk: Eli Moore's hoop dreams come true
Summer savings tips
Directors elect corporate officers
Weatherstripping basics
This month in Tideland history

July 2016

Arapahoe couple win big
Property acquired for new Craven County substation
Annual meeting recap
How an air conditioner works
Member satisfaction scores continue to climb
This month in Tideland history

June 2016

Learn & Live: Don't become a path to ground
Whipping Creek fire photo
Rounding up our thanks
NC REPS rate increasing June 1
College scholarship winners announced
What to do in an accident involving power lines
This month in Tideland history

May 2016

Line Life: Linemen share their love of the business
This month in Tideland history

April 2016

Are you in? Tideland first but member participation rate last
Incumbent directors deemed elected
High water table takes toll on underground
This month in Tideland history

March 2016

Intelli-Pole®: Testing new utility technology at Ocracoke
Tidealnd scholar athletes honored during NCSU game
A squirrel situation
Engelhard substation construction underway
This month in Tideland history

February 2016

Member Math: WPCA & capital credits exceed $3.7 million in 2015
Community solar update
Director nominations underway
This month in Tideland history

January 2016

Re"Cap": 2015 capital credit retirement $2.4 million
75th anniversary celebration underway
Message to member-owners: Our changeless core
New dual fuel heat pump rebate
How to cook a trashcan turkey