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Join more than 20 million consumers worldwide who have embraced pre-paid electric service. Service activation doesn’t require a security deposit. All that’s required to participate in FlexPay is a starting $25 prepaid balance and either a cell phone or email that can receive routine updates regarding your FlexPay balance. While not required, we also recommend that FlexPay participants have a way to make a payment after normal business hours via phone or online service.

By prepaying energy purchases, FlexPay participants are exempt from late payment penalties as well as non-payment disconnect and reconnect fees. Over time those fees can add to the challenge of trying to catch up on household bills.

FlexPay participants do not receive a monthly electric bill. Instead they receive routine text or email alerts and reminders so they know how much energy they’ve used and when it is time to “recharge” their account. Minimum payment transactions are set at $10 so if you want to pay once a day, once a week or once a month on your account it’s entirely up to you. And we don’t charge a transaction fee!

Studies show that prepaid metering programs offer another benefit that can result in significant savings. As FlexPay users begin to learn more about their household energy use and can tie it directly back to costs they generally find ways to improve conservation and energy efficiency efforts. On average, FlexPay users will reduce energy consumption 7 to 12 percent annually. After all when you realize that a quick shower costs alot less than a long, hot bubble bath you may decide the latter just isn’t worth the few extra pennies.

On the other hand, FlexPay is not for everyone. It is only available to residential non-demand billed accountholders. If you participate in the co-op’s bank or credit card draft programs or are enrolled in a budget or levelized payment plan you won’t be able to utilize FlexPay. If you currently have a weatherization loan with Tideland you can’t opt in to FlexPay until the loan has been satisfied. If you’ve ever been assessed a meter tampering fee you won’t qualify either.

Want to learn more about FlexPay? You can read the FlexPay member agreement in its entirety below or you may visit any Tideland EMC office or call us at 1.800.637.1079 and a member service representative will be happy to answer your questions and get your FlexPay enrollment underway.

FlexPay Member Agreement - English
FlexPay Member Agreement - Spanish