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21 42 56 584 powerlines 2009 Newsletter Archives

December 2009

Merry Margins: Capital credits are on the way
D-I-Y: Weatherstripping 101
Linemen visit Northeast Elementary

November 2009
Mattamuskeet apples
The Great Refrigerator Roundup: 'Cold Appliances, Warm Hearts'
D-I-Y: Window air conditioner cover

October 2009
November bills will reflect new rates
Energy websites for kids
Chase away energy goblins

September 2009
Geothermal makes dollars and sense
Thermal barrier: The best defense is a good offense

August 2009
Local food pantry benefits from freezer turn-in program
Water heater insulating kits now on sale

July 2009
Declare your energy independence
Ceiling fans can do more harm than good

June 2009
Allocation of 2008 member margins
Avoid exposure to high summer bills
5 traits of a quality HVAC contractor
Stop surges before they stop you

May 2009
Energy efficiency investments have a high rate of return

April 2009
Bills to reflect NC REPS Mandate Expense
How you can save energy dollars with the economic stimulus package
Larry the audit guy: Exposing the truth one leaky duct at a time

March 2009
Co-op hits 93 megawatt hour peak
Power production costs hit historic highs
Co-op introduces levelized billing

February 2009
QVC & co-ops install NC's largest solar farm
Think outside the thermostat

January 2009
Mercury vapor yard lights being phased out
Energy tax credits make a comeback in 2009
Tideland part of group buying Iowa wind energy