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14 49 41 124 alt banner 2021 Newsletter Archives

December 2021

Yuletide Refund: General retirement of $800,000
Incumbents elected to attend 3-year term
Warm up to energy savings
4 reasons not to use the on setting
Play it safe: shop smart this holiday season
Matthew Neal competes in pole top rescue competition
Twelve holiday safety tips

November 2021

Leaves aren't the only thing falling: November residential rate decline
Enter for a change to win $250: Member Bingo
Thrive in our hive: Ecobee smart thermostats
Power up your piggy bank with FlexPay
Knowledge is power: Do you know how power gets to you?
Monthly maintenance schedule
Generator maintenance a must
Is time-of-use worth your time?
Supress the surge
Don't sweat it. Levelize it.
Do unto others by signing up for Operation Roundup

October 2021

Lifeline gone wrong: Hurricane Ida carbon monoxide deaths
Vampire Power
Manager's Message: From hurricanes to harvesting, remain electric safety vigilant
So "mummy" injuries (infographic)
Get solar savvy before you sign
Ward off energy waste

September 2021

John Marsh retires, passing baton to Josh Bain
It's the heat. And the humidity.
Peak prepardeness.
2021 Annual Meeting on October 21
Pole etiquette

August 2021

Who you gonna call? Celebrate National 8-1-1 Day.
Watch or warning?
Manager's Message: First responders an important part of Team Tideland
Remembering Meredith Burbage
August maintenance schedule
Pole tag
Move Over: It's the law
Generate safety
Eagleland EMC
Anchors Aweigh: Legendary boat builder Paul Mann retires

July 2021

Sticky Situation: It's not magic. It's mastic.
Summer storm season: Blinks mean system is working
Expand your membership with ElecTel financing options
Lightning protection infographic
Joseph Gibbs takes top spot in timed trials
Project updates: Work continues to improve grid resiliency and reliability
Surge protection coverage
Member spotlight: Dowry Creek Marina
Who owns what equipment?

June 2021

Remembering Joe Smith
Our 2021 college scholarship winners
Three ways to beat the heat
Are you ready for hurricane season?
Time to apply for Bright Ideas

May 2021

Summer residential rates begin May 1
Rethinking laundry
Overhead line safety

April 2021 

Annual meeting of members postponed
Double duty pickup truck: Ford F-150 onboard generator
Lineworker appreciation day
A Texas-sized tragedy: Carbon monoxide detectors are essential for all homes
Message to Members: Hats off to our men in hardhats
Generator safety
Plug in with Trickle Star energy monitors

March 2021

Accessorize with Ecobee
Co-op energy sales break records
Home sweet energy efficient home: $1,250 rebate for manufactured homes
Message to Members: Mild period ends as winter hammers us
Plant the right tree in the right place

February 2021

Rebates extended
The best defense is a good offense
What to tackle first this winter
Little but expensive: the true cost of space heaters
At home learning electrical safety
Thermal barriers and air infiltration
Guard against high bills with portal access and alerts
Director nominations underway
Ten tips to avoid high winter bills
Sign up for levelized billing

January 2021

$1.078 million refunded to members
Minimizing duct losses
Linelife: It's a girl!
Space heater safety
Four reasons not to use the "on" setting
Message to Members: 2021 rate outlook
Bright Ideas grant winners
Protect your home when the power goes out
What are power surges?