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Business Rebates & Incentives

Tideland EMC would love to work with you to maximize energy efficiency at your business location. In some cases we may even be able to provide rebates and incentives to improve the economics of energy efficiency improvements.

If you need assistance with your initial energy analysis, Tideland EMC offers free commercial energy audits. We will review your kilowatt hour and demand history and then do a walk-thru visit of your facility. For specialized audits we have access to industrial auditors and lighting experts who can provide a more detailed level of service. Once the energy audit is complete we will work with you and your team to determine which energy efficiency measures deliver the most "bang for the buck" and determine what financial incentives may exist to help bring your project to fruition.

You may also want to explore loan and grant opportunities available through the USDA's Rural Energy For America Program (REAP). The maximum grant is $500,000 for renewable energy systems; $250,000 for energy efficiency projects; and the maximum loan amount is $25 million.

To request a commercial energy audit or see what partnership opportunities exist between Tideland and your business call marketing manager Heidi Smith at 252.944.2410.