Power Restoration Update: Sat., Sept. 7, 10 pm


To report an outage by phone call 1.800.882.1001. To report an outage by text message text the word OUT to short code 85700.

Summary of remaining outages by substation and district as of 9:30 pm, Saturday, Sept. 7

Outages 9.07.19  2100 Final Outage Report Of Day Page 1

The breakdown of remaining outages by substation circuits

EDWARD SUB: Blounts Creek 2; Bonnerton 407; Lowland 655

ENGELHARD SUB: Lake Landing 39; Ridge Rd 1; Engelhard circuit 26

FAIRFIELD SUB: Prison circuit 5; Fairfield circuit 15


FIVE POINTS SUB: Braddy Rd 8; Duck Creek/Springdale Village 22; Howell's Mill to Acre Station 11

MANNS HARBOR: Transmission outage to substation continues; all 756 members remain off; Tideland will send heavy construction crews to Dare County Sunday morning to begin distribution repairs in anticipation of transmission restoration occurring sometime overnight or tomorrow. The three distribution circuits are East Lake, Stumpy Point and Manns Harbor.

PANTEGO SUB: Pungo 8; Sidney 18; Pantego 11

PLYMOUTH SUB: Hwy 32 31; Long Ridge 2

PONZER SUB: Dowry Creek 230; Rose Bay 357

SIDNEY SUB: Gaylords Bay 6; Pamlico Beach 4

SILVER HILL SUB: Arapahoe 6; Keystown 1 & 2 16; Merritt 324

SWINDELL FORK SUB: Lake Comfort 5; Swan Quarter 4

WASHINGTON SUB: Braddy Rd 3; Country Club 8

OCRACOKE SUB: All island members remain without power.

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