Saturday, Sept. 7 Noon Update


The following substations still have no power:

MANNS HARBOR (Dominion has several broken poles on the Nags Head causeway); OCRACOKE (transmission line construction crews arrived at Hatteras Island this morning; we're doing aerial assessments today of our infrastructure on the south end of Hatteras Island and Hwy 12 from the north ferry facility to the village); ENGELHARD AND FAIRFIELD (we have an army of heavy construction crews working to replace ten poles so we can re-energize those two substations.

All other substations are energized. Here's the circuit rundown by number of members remaining off as of 10:45 am, Sat., 9/7/19. I've sorted it by substation and then listed each of the substation's circuits with number of members off.

  • EDWARD SUB Blounts Creek 161; Bonnerton 715; Craven Co 289; Lowland 945;
  • FAIRFIELD HARBOUR SUB Cayton Road circuit 110; FFH Cir #1 100; FFH Cir #2 97
  • FIVE POINTS SUB: Braddy Rd 8; Duck Creek/Springdale Village 225; Howells Mill/Acre Station 205
  • MATTAMUSKEET SUB tap line 52
  • PANTEGO SUB Pantego Cir 39; Pungo 229; Sidney Circuit 17 (Old County Rd)
  • PLYMOUTH SUB Hwy 32 214; Liverman Heights 61; Long Ridge 329
  • PONZER SUB Dowry Creek 161 Rose Bay 560 (that's up to the flashing light)
  • SILVER HILL SUB Arapahoe 203; Keystown 55; Merritt 1,460 (Merritt is the longest circuit on the Tideland system)
  • SWINDELL FORK SUB Lake Comfort 41 Swan Quarter 389
  • WASHINGTON SUB Braddy Rd 49; Country Club 7; Pamlico Village 2

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