Outage text messaging expands to allow outage reporting via text


Since July 2012, Tideland has had the ability to communicate outage details to members via text. For the first few years, members were required to opt-in to program. When Hurricane Florence formed in the Atlantic and it’s trajectory became known, we opted into the program all member cell phone numbers that were in our database at that time. We currently have nearly 13,000 cell phone numbers enrolled in the program.

We are now expanding the program to allow members to report outages via text. It will work similiarly to our automated outage reporting phone system that can still be utilized by calling 1.800.882.1001.

Your cell phone must be on file with the cooperative

To report an outage via text, the cell phone you text from must be associated with your electric account. You can update your cell phone information one of four ways:

  1. Log into the member portal and update your account profile; if you have more than one cell phone you want to enroll in outage text messaging put the additional number(s) in any of the available phone fields but be sure your primary phone number is in the correct field since that is the number we will use for past due payment notifications and other non-outage messaging. Portal Update Info
  2. Submit an account update form
  3. Text TEMC to 85700 and when prompted, reply with your Tideland EMC account number
  4. Call the co-op at 1.800.637.1079 before Hurricane Dorian arrives

For multiple account holders, you can have up to ten service locations associated with your cell phone number for the purposes of outage reporting.

To Report an Outage: Text OUT to short code 85700
A short code is like a five-digit phone number but it is used only for text messaging. You may want to create a Tideland outage reporting contact on your cell phone to store the short code.

If you text the word OUT and receive the message below that means the cell phone you are calling from is not on file with the cooperative. Please follow one of the four methods listed above to update your account.

Img 9907

If your cell phone number is associated with an electric account, you will receive a text asking you to confirm the outage location.

Once the location has been confirmed you will receive a text stating that your outage has been reported.

Recognizes Address

Monitor your reported outage: Text STATUS to 85700 for updates

The status updates will be somewhat generic based on whether crews have been dispatched. However, in the event of large outages impacting more than 100 members, we may continue to push more robust outage updates as we have done since 2012.

Status Update

Power restoration

If you reported your outage via text, you will receive a final message once power has been restored.
The final restoration message will not be generated until power has been restored long enough to consider the outage cleared.

Power Restored Notice

Opting out of the text messaging service

If you wish to permanently opt-out of our outage text messaging system text QUIT to short code 85700. Remember, once you opt out, Tideland cannot opt you back in. You will have to text TEMC to short code 85700 to opt back in.


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