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NC GreenPower

Become a Contributor

NC GreenPower is an independent, nonprofit organization established to improve North Carolina's environment through voluntary contributions toward renewable energy. NC GreenPower is the first statewide green energy program in the nation supported by all of the home state's utilities.

The goal of NC GreenPower is to supplement North Carolina's existing power supply with more electricity generated from renewable resources like the sun, wind and organic matter. The program accepts financial contributions from North Carolina citizens and businesses to help offset the higher cost to produce green energy.

A tax-deductible contribution of just $4 per month adds one block of 100 kilowatt-hours of green energy to North Carolina's power supply. You may purchase as many blocks as you like. Your contributions will be added to your electric bill and then forwarded to NC GreenPower by Tideland EMC.

Annually, 1 block of NC GreenPower offsets 2,497 pounds of carbon dioxide, 7 pounds of sulfur dioxide and 3 pounds of nitrogen oxides. The annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is equivalent to 192 trees planted or 3,039 miles not driven. That's a very good return on your $4 a month investment.

To begin monthly donations call Tideland at 800.637.1079 or send an email to us with your electric account name and number along with the number of $4 blocks you wish to be billed for.

Contributors may sign up for NC GreenPower's free quarterly newsletter.

Become a Generator

NC GreenPower is always working to add more renewable energy resources to our state's power supply. As additional participants elect to support cleaner energy in North Carolina through contributions to the program, additional generation is added to the existing power mix. Tideland EMC believes our co-op members are best served by enrolling their small renewable energy projects in the NC GreenPower program so they can receive supplemental incentives for kilowatt hours they produce. However, due to program popularity NC GreenPower frequently has to wait list applicants. Please make sure you receive official approval from NC GreenPower before signing a renewable generation installation contract.

NC GreenPower Small Producer Rates*

Small Wind Systems (10 kW and under) 9 cents per kWh

Small Solar PV Systems (10 kW and under) 6 cents per kWh

*Rates are subject to change. Contact NC GreenPower to verify.