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Important notice:

Tideland EMC is in the process of replacing all of our outdoor lighting with LED fixtures. It will take several years for us to complete the six county retrofit. If you have an existing outdoor light and it is in need of service, our crews will go ahead and change the light out to the new LED equivalent fixture while they are at the location.

Rate schedules for existing lights

  • Mercury Vapor 175 Watt $10.40
  • Mercury Vapor 400 Watt $14.60
  • Standard High Pressure Sodium 100 Watt $11.00
  • Decorative High Pressure Sodium 100 Watt $14.70 (special order decorative fixture)
  • High Pressure Sodium 150 Watt $16.55
  • Metal Halide 100 Watt $16.55 (special order decorative fixture)
  • Metal Halide 400 Watt $15.20

Monthly price assumes that the outdoor lighting fixture can be attached to an existing electric utility pole. Tideland EMC is responsible for the energy used by the outdoor light and normal maintenance. If the outdoor light cannot be attached to an existing pole, a pole charge of $2.10 per pole per month will be added to the monthly bill. Additional one time installation fee may apply for underground service. Developers or property owners associations should contact us for bulk pricing and quotes on decorative fixtures.