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Paying by E-Check? Please be sure to double check your bank routing and account number before submitting your payment. Do NOT include the check number when using the E-check option. We've seen a recent increase in E-Check rejections due to incorrect entries.

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In Person 

Any Tideland EMC Office

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Checking/savings account or credit/debit card required (VISA and MasterCard)

By Automatic Draft 

Checking/savings account or credit/debit card required (VISA and MasterCard)

Levelized Billing 

Levelized billing takes much of the guesswork out of electric bill payments. Monthly payments are based on a rolling average so month to month payments fluctuate no more than a few dollars. Your electric bill must be current and remain current to be enrolled in the program.

Sample of a Levelized Payment Plan
Actual Bill Levelized Payment
$189.26 $139.02
$175.10 $135.26
$198.97 $126.10
$109.37 $118.97
$93.58 $118.37
$97.89 $121.58
$115.39 $122.89
$116.99 $123.39
$119.68 $122.99
$97.35 $116.68
$111.54 $125.35
$141.38 $126.54
$184.37 $126.38
$129.98 $127.37

Instead of paying bills ranging from $93.58 to $198.97 (a spread of $105.39), this example shows that the member’s monthly payment ranged from $116.68 to $139.02 (a spread of only $22.34).

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