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November 2018

Special Issue: Hurricane Florence

October 2018

Substation dedicated to Ed Duetsch
Don't be spooked by scams
How power gets to you: part 2
Jouley: All-electric school bus

September 2018

In Plain Sight: Don't access obstruct utility equipment
Tips for a safe harvest
How power gets to you: part 1
Your power outage pantry
Five steps for safe digging

August 2018

Co-op unveils state-of-the-art dispatch center
Don't let a high bill dampen your summer
Manager's Message: Applied Learning
Part 2 of 2-part series: Save energy with moisture control
Mobile apps you want during a disaster
Madisen Spears and Jodie Horne attend Youth Tour to DC
Three attend UNC and NCSU sports camps

July 2018

Invisible Killer: The dangers of improper generator operation
FlexPay Reminder: Minimum payment $10
Manager's Message: APPsolute must have
Part 1 of 2-part series: Save energy with moisture control
Five smart home tech apps
Remember Larry Arthur
Stay Alive: 4 deadly hazards to avoid after the storm

June 2018

Next Generation: Shakera Davis addresses NCEMC annual meeting
Enroll in outage text messaging
Manager's Message: Managing peak demand
Co-op awards 9 scholarships to graduating high school seniors
Five generator safety tips

May 2018

Annual Report to Members
Notice of Annual Meeting

April 2018

Knowledge is power: Trickle Star monitors on sale
Time-of-use hours change April 17
Manager's Message: WPCA zeroed out March 1
Is time-of-use program right for you?
Incumbent directors deemed elected

March 2018

Energized: New Fairfield Harbour substation
Manager's Message: A January like no other
Plant the right tree in the right place
$1,250 rebate for Energy Star manufactured homes
Feeling drafty?

February 2018

Polar plunge brings record breaking energy use
Don't sweat it. Levelize it.
Manager's Message: There is some good news (WPCA decline)
Five easy ways to reduce winter bills
Tideland remembers Hubert Collins

January 2018

$450,000 general retirement of capital credits made to members
Manager's Message: Unexpected WPCA decline
Co-op awards $14,273 to outstanding educators
Little things add up