Have you signed up for outage text messaging?

10:15 AM EST

SEP 07 2017

Why call us when we can text you!

Sign up now for outage text messaging delivered right to your cell phone or email. Outage text messaging is activated when the co-op experiences large outages affecting more than 100 meters on any one of our ten delivery point substations.

When possible we will not only alert you to the outage, we will also try to give you a reasonable idea of when power will be restored. And we'll let you know when power has been restored so you can immediately report a continuing outage at your home or business while repair crews are still in your vicinity.

Unless it is an emergency situation, we do not send outage text messages between 11 pm and 6 am. After all the best outage is one you sleep through!

To enroll in outage text messaging send the letters TEMC to short code 85700 from your cell phone. You will immediately be promoted to reply with your Tideland EMC account number. If you don't have it handy, reply with your service address and we'll match it up on the system to complete your activation. Or if you'd prefer to enroll online or receive outage email messaging instead use our account update form.

Our outage text messaging service cannot currently be used to report your outage but we'll be moving in that direction as we expand the service in the next 12 months following extensive testing. To report a power outage please call 1.800.882.1001. And if you see damage to electric utility equipment and structures, don't hesitate to call us and report it. Just because we know an outage exists doesn't mean we have found the cause and your observations could be the key to faster power restoration.

*Standard text messaging rates may apply depending on your cellular provider's contract. To end the text messaging service simply send STOP to short code 85700 and you will automatically be removed from the texting service.

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